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Travelling with pending asylum

Can I travel to Canada for a few day? I have an asylum pending now for almost 3 years There is no explicit prohibition to travel abroad while your asylum application is pending. However, if you do travel, you may be deemed to have abandoned your asylum application and therefore have problems at the time of admission. As a result, you may not be able to reenter the US. If you want to avoid problems during admission, you have to apply for advance parole. But this takes time and you will have to plan accordingly. To sum, avoid leaving the US before your asylum...

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Risk of asylum denial

What are the risks and consequences of asylum application being denied? I am currently on TPS. Before this, I had an F1 visa. I have maintained valid nonimmigrant status since 2010. Now that the TPS is coming to an end, I want to apply for a political asylum. I have been prosecuted in the past and more likely than not...

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Reentering after asylum denial

Can I re-enter the US after asylum denial? I have been denied asylum by immigration. I was not send to court because i am still in status. I am planning to leave voluntarily. Can I re-enter the US with a valid non immigrant visa after a short period of time? Thank u If you stay beyond your status and accumulate more than 180 days of unlawful presence, you may be subject to either three or ten-year bars. If you leave before your legal status expires, then next time when you apply for non-immigrant visa you may have difficult time getting one. The reason...

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Expediting asylum

How can I expedite my husbands asylum interview (he has been waiting 2.5 years) ? Hello, My husbands father is dying and our lawyer has submitted the medical papers to expedite the process of interview. (6 months ago). We still haven't got an answer and our "efficient" lawyer told us that immigration haven't answered him (whi...

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College and asylum

Can I go to college while asylum case is pending? Hi, I was an international student before I married my husband who is an asylum seeker. He mailed in the application to add me to his case. I can't apply for an EAD yet. I am a few credits away from my degree but my F-1 has expired. I want to retu...

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Canceling asylum

How do I cancel my application for political assylum? I crossed the border illegally in 2013, and I've been detained for 1 month. At first I signed my deportation but then I requested to have political assylum, I had an interview over the phone when I was in the detention center and my interview was ...

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Asylum withdrawal

Hi. I already sent a letter. Should I receive some kind of receipt from the Asylum office in the mail? I already sent a letter to withdraw my asylum case. However, I don't know if they receive it or if I should do something else. I would like to know if my asylum process is already withdrawn. Just a quick reminder about the implications of the withdrawal: - After you withdraw your asylum application, you have to leave the United States within short amount of time or, ideally, you have to be taking actions to adjust your status. Otherwise, you will be collecting...

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Asylum at the airport

Can apply for asylum at the airport? Hey I'm Patrick from DR, congo I have some political issues in my country, I don't wanna go back anymore. To come from Democratic Republic of Congo, assuming you will be traveling by air, you will have to have a valid visa. With a valid visa, during admission at the port of entry, you can tell the officer that you fear returning and that you wish to apply for asylum. After that you will have a credible fear interview with an asylum officer. If the officer finds your statements not credible, s/he may order you removed...

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Moving to a different state

I have opportunity to work in Texas, Can I work in that state as an asylee whom his wife has filed in New York? I am a beneficiary of my wife asylum claim Generally, yes. But this is assuming: - Your wife is a principal applicant and she is staying at the address she indicated in Form I-589; - You have already received your EAD. If you are moving as a family and have already received your EADs, then it is still OK to move, but you have to report the change of address by filing Form AR-11. If you are moving as a family and...

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Buying a house

What's the procedure to buy a house in the USA when you are a pending asylum applicant? I am currently renting an apartment and on pending asylum. My case has been referred to court. I want to buy a house and pay a monthly mortgage. What would your advice be? Individuals with pending asylum and even undocumented immigrants can purchase a house. So there are no restrictions on real estate transactions deriving from the buyer's immigration status. The issue is more about your ability to get a loan from a bank, which will most likely be very reluctant to lend you money because...

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